PLN visualisation

The Prezi  is about my social network journey.  I am trying to break the walls of the past and move into the future of possibilities. Instead of laying  down a social network  with the limited people around me, like a brick layer painstakingly building alone brick by brick as it was done in the past.  I am learning the virtual networking path by way of technology. My hope is by the end of summer I will be an apprentice techie and not just a bystander watching of the virtual world pass before my eyes.


2 thoughts on “PLN visualisation

  1. Hi Yalonda,

    This is a good start. I think that you reflected on your journey through PLN across time and as influenced by technology. I encourage you to think a bit more deeply about which of these technology tools will be useful to you, and how to most effectively utilize them (which we will help you with throughout the courses). How do you feel this activity went? Did you have any surprises or “ah-ha” moments come out of thinking carefully about how you use your own network to learn? I didn’t see your reflection, so please let us know where that is, or when it is posted.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I have had so many Ah moments!! I the book reading I see myself often as the novice. I recognize myself getting caught on the unimportant and not “seeing” realizing the big picture. You both have taught the class by example of what the book spoke of using a metacognitive approach to instruction. I appreciate that. I am learning so much but I know my foundation of technology is very weak. I want the knowledge of these classes because I am fully aware there is no other way for education in the future but to make technology the fabric of learning. Thank you for your patience. Y

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