Thoughts on the Book “Leo Lionni’s Fish is Fish.”

The book/video shows how we develop basic concepts. Whether our ideas or beliefs are true or false, how we interact with our world comes from the knowledge stored from life experiences. When change happens it is easy to resist truths seen with our own eyes. I will make choices to acknowledge change or ignore it, but it still effects my thinking and knowledge.

From the frogs experience– he was excited for changes happening around him when he grew legs (“Look I’m a frog!”), but the fish did not understand the change and could not accept the changes. (“Nonsense! If only last night you were are fish, then today you still are.”) The changes became so great, it separated the two friends. This happens in our world and learning experiences too. The statement by the frog, “Frogs are frogs and fish is fish.” Bothers me a little. It seems that frog, though he is still friends does not embrace their differences. Frog does come back but causes fish to want what he has, and it almost kills Fish.

What I am taking from this story.

  • 1. We all have differences.
  • 2. We don’t have to agree.
  • 3. Some changes we can accept and learn about but it may not be something we can change for ourselves.
  • 4. Accept the world we are in, don’t envy what you do not have.
  • 5. Be thankful for  the beauty around you .

As far as this story relating to technology: Frog could be viewed as the learner who becomes an expert. Fish could be considered as a novice learner. Fish took the ideas form the expert and adapted them to his  knowledge. When he tried to take on the life of the frog he almost died but, I would like to think he took ideas from Frog (Expert-  and uses of technology) and was able to see his world differently.  Fish was able to see the light and colors  frog shared with him and was able to “plug into” the network  which helped him see the beauty in the world around him he had never looked for or understood (and became an emerging user of technology).


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