Reflection on Will Richardson, “Why School?

Reflection on Will Richardson, “Why School?

Learning Part 1

Will Richardson’s conversation on TED helped me to rethink the next 10 years of teaching and learning and what I  need to consider.

1. Future education will not become “better” by using technology as another textbook or learning tool as a means for raising standardized test scores.

2. The gap between providing traditional teaching that reformers want and giving students real-world learning opportunities and literacies will continually to get more difficult to navigate.

3.Educators need to re-think their own learning practices. (We) I am examining my own networking processes and I am seeking ways to become more connected to the emergent technologies springing up around me. I must find ways to be a participant so I can example this for my students.

4. Schools will not disappear but, how we “do” school will.  School as we know it will not survive. If we want our students to be relative thinkers and learners in the 21st century, as an educator I must  also be a relative thinker and learner of the 21st century.

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