Network Learning Project: My MAC…the Apple of my eye.

NLP: My MacBook Air… the “apple” of my eye or the lack of sleep my eyes are getting.  Because I am an early technology prospector I tend to lag behind applying the basic website opportunities out there for me to use.  After the MAETEL1 class started… I decided to by a MacBook Air. I have always wanted one and this fall I all be piloting all of my classes with iPads so I felt the Mac would be a good compliment.  I have little background with Mac devices and quickly realized there are many… well countless differences from a regular pc. I quickly decided, with the nudging from my Professor Craig, to base my NLP on how to use my Macbook.

1. Learn the basic settings, how to find documents, photos, creating files and folders.

2.  Learn specific accommodations: using the Reader setting: how to stop, re-start, turn up and down volume,  and listening options.

Finding Helps: Search Youtube, and Google to start and go from there.


This is for a computer

This is for an iPad but I will use it for later and share with my conference group.


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