Using TPACK as the Guiding purpose in my teaching practice.

Over the past two days we have been given “random tools”  to convey a main theme from specific content. The show is very similar to way teachers utilize the TPACK framework in their lessons. Much in the same way teachers must leverage their Technology, Content and Pedagogy to create a lesson that is engaging and evokes critical thinking.

Yesterday: Our target was to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Random tools were given butspecific materials were provided to be able to create a Pb&j sandwich. Here is the video we made.  Dale Dougherty, (TED talks, 2011) states, “All of us are makers,we are born makers. We have this ability to make things.”

Today: Our target was to show a demonstration of TACK. Random materials were provided but the specific target was demonstrating our understanding of TPACK through(play doe) our technology   and explaining our reasoning behind e

play doe tpack

The  a-ah ideas I have taken from TPACK are: 1. Make sure the combination of  TECH, CONTENT, and PEDAGOGY are intertwining  for purposeful learning=targets are met. 2. Tools can differ and the end product may look different but it MUST  be in context . It must be “NEW” Novel, Effective, and Whole. In the Vimeos shared with us from Dr. Mishra(2013) creativity is easy to recognize  but is hard to define.  3. The biggest thing I can see is, even though we were given content and technology, the pedagogy of how we use those is always evolving and making the product better.

(Reference: not complete)


Mishra, P. & Koehler, M.J.(2006). Technological pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for teacher knowledge. Teachers College Record, 108(6), 1017-1054. Retrieved from

  • video night Teaching Creatively: Teachers as Designers of Technology, Content and Pedagogy. A keynote presentation by Punya Mishra & Matthew Koehler at the SITE 2008 conference, Las Vegas.
  •  We are all makers    We have talked a bit about “making” so it’s time to dive right in and learn about “maker culture.” Let’s start out with this TED@MotorCity video featuring the founder of MAKE magazine and Maker Faire, Dale Dougherty.

One thought on “Using TPACK as the Guiding purpose in my teaching practice.

  1. You have provided us with an understanding of the TPACK framework with your reflection. What did the assignments lead you to think about in regards to selecting high or low tech technologies? These are the sorts of questions which will help you answer how TPACK busts the “chrono-centric” myth.

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