Researching Technology as it applies to my classroom

This was a great learning experience in finding material  and in working with my cohort group. I will implement  the knowledge I have gained next year. This has challenged my thinking and technological skills more in such a short time than I have in all of my years of teaching. I have felt supported by both my colleagues and professors to try ideas I did not feel slightly confident in and yet have come through the process with a great sense confidence in the technology I used. I am confident I will be able to apply these skills next year in my teaching practice. Thank you to all of you for your great support. #MAETEL1

Annotated Bibliography

Blow, D., & McConnell, S. (2012). A new model for classroom technology rollouts.

Leadership, 42, 32-35. Retrieved from

Blow and McConnell discussed the introduction of the iPad Academy that

provided a set of classroom iPads, charging cart, an Apple TV, teacher’s

personal iPad and Mac Book, opportunities for further training with an Apple

representative, and free apps that would meet their specific learning needs.

Willing teachers applied through their districts. They were required to meeting

specific expectations for their learning and communication just as students

would be expected to do in the learning process.  The program proved to be

successful. As I am entering a similar scenario, I find myself very aware of one

missing factor, I have not been given direction or support in learning the device. I

will be proactive this summer to find my own learning opportunities. I want to be

as prepared as possible for the upcoming year. I would like to ensure the success

of my student’s new learning opportunities and this needs to start with me. My

plan will be to explore opportunities through Apple Inc. and the Internet to get

as much training as I can.

Murray, O.T., & Olcese, N.R. (2011). Teaching and learning with iPads, ready or not?

            Tech Trends, 55, 42-48. Retrieved form

Murray and Olcese discuss the implications iPads are having in the k12 setting.

IPads have a larger capacity in performing more applications than did the ipod or

iPhone but the question arising is if the software is keeping up the advances

in the explosive computer industry. Studies are hard to define because data

is still needed to determine if technology is being applied effectively in the

classroom to improve learning. I tend to believe this is weighted heavily on the

need for teacher training and understanding to improve.

Schrum, L., & Levin, B. (2013). Lessons learned from exemplary schools. Tech Trends,

            57, 38-42. doi: 10.1007/s11528-012-0629-6

Schrum and Levin discuss the importance of teacher’s efficacy in the implementation of 21st century

learning modalities and the success of student learning. Findings show students are competent in

handling the rapid changes in today’s technologies but teachers need the support and training to feel

adequately prepared. In order for professional practice to take place, all levels of educators have to

take an active mind-set in professional growth and development in technology training. This ideal

needs to be ongoing as technology is continually changing. I see my own school as positive in

supporting in the 21st century learning styles but the focus is unclear. I see a strong need for

technology integration but the lack of understanding hinders the full benefits modern technology

affords the teacher and their classroom.

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