NLP: The “Apple” of my eye–My MacBook Air

Ok I am about crying, this is the coolest video ever! I learned a ton. I am going to look for more videos!

I have to give credit to this site still but my APA book is at home.

Things I have learned:

  • Swipe two fingers right or left: moves the screen like a book to sites previously seen  or back to where I was
  • Two fingers on the pad moving up or down will scroll down page.
  • Putting my pointer finger and my thumb on the pad and “pinching together” or going from my pointer and thumb closed and “opening them up” zooms the screen in or out. This action can be preformed with a double tap (soft not to make a click) on the pad in certain screens.
  • Fingers flicking up (like flicking water) on the pad commands mission controls= shows all the windows that are open in small screens.
  • All fingers brought together (the opposite of a flick) brings up launchpad. All of the applications can be  and chosen from this screen. There may be more but that is what I have caught after watching in several times.

I caught all of these actions the first time, I watched over may times so I could  type down  the information.

Here are a few more great videos:

This has been very helpful. Just like anything, re-watching several times is helping me understand. My plan is to watch several more times. I would like to either set up a noodle for my classroom for next year or up date my weekly website. With the information I have gained from watching these videos, I feel more comfortable with my Mac.

I still have questions on how to use my mac as a weak reader. That is an area I will still explore.

This is another great site it goes over the differences with the PC and the Mac. It is very helpful. I have gone over it just a few times but I have picked up a ton!!  the next  entry I think I will try to use jing and show what I know.

Here is a website I will look at later but I need more of the basics still:


2 thoughts on “NLP: The “Apple” of my eye–My MacBook Air

  1. Thank you for sharing your video, it is so cool to read about how it has helped to impact and shape your learning. I like that you are gaining comfort with using your Mac, sometimes transitioning from a PC can be difficult. Have you utilized any discussion forums yet? That is part of the assignment as well and may be useful as you look to find out how Mac’s look to support weak readers. I look forward to seeing more of your progress in your next post.

    • Thanks for the reminder about reaching out to discussion forums… that is definitely more uneasy for me to stick out that weakness but I will see what comments and helps are out there.

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