MY Design for the 21st Century

How will you imagine the space being restructured?

  • I am planning on making student work stations intimate and conducive to working in small groups or individually. WORK SPACE
  • Creating a workspace or storage area for storage and charging iPads is another area I will need to re-imagine for success of technology usage and will be essential for all classes to have proper handling on a regular basis. IPAD STORAGE AND CARE
  • Lastly, re-imagining how students will grow their personal learning network allowing them to display their artwork and cultivate conversations about art in the 21st century learning environment. PLN

Work Space: Creating small table groups of six to eight allows for easy grouping and student interaction. Small groups allow students with stronger iPad usage to help students with limited or no experience with the technology. Students can share ideas and make connections in their learning progression as they explore their findings with their peers. I vary desk configurations and seating arrangements every project to best fit each project. I plan on continuing this practice as it promotes getting to know other classmates they may not ordinarily choose.

iPad Storage and Care: The main re-design I will focus on next year is how to logistically care for iPads in my classroom. I am getting a class set of 30 iPads.  Understanding the care for iPads both physically and electronically are issues I have not considered. I will have a storing/charger cart for them to dock between classes and overnight. I also want to look at ways the students will be handling the iPad at their desks.  It is imperative the iPads have a proper place so they do not get broken carelessly. Students will need to know proper handling and hygienic care of the iPads; these thoughts I am still grappling over. How long an iPad needs docked to insure proper charging for all classes is another time factor to consider.  My plan is to have the students dock them ten minutes before class is over. There is a seven-minute passing between classes for a total of 17 minutes for charging. I will make adjustments as needed.  Hygiene is another factor. Which cleaning materials will not harm the devices yet keep students from spreading sickness when sharing iPads.

PLN For Students:  I am considering new ways of displaying artwork and creating a learning network for student interactions.  I will be introducing technology for students to turn in artwork through some type of technology.  I am looking at as my mode; the students will digitally send/hand-in their work. I will check their work, give suggestions for improvements, and allow students to hand in work again to improve their grade. I am exploring ways for students to share with one another via the network, to exhibit their artwork, and express their thoughts of the learning processes. I would also like to have a flat screen placed in the hallway just out side my room in between the two art rooms to display artwork.

  • What resources would be necessary to implement your vision? I want additional training on how to best use applications or websites to enhance the 21st century learning experience. Moodle is a viable website option I could implement for my classroom. I also want to make sure I have a solid handle on how to guide my students in using the Internet properly and using iPads for more than looking up images.
  • What stakeholders are involved? Since January 2013, conversations with my principal, the District Superintendent, and the Technology Director, have taken place.  From these discussions it was determined my class would be receiving the iPads. However, the training offered is less than adequate. We are also considering purchasing a flat screen monitor by the beginning of the school year.
  • How much would it cost?  The iPads and charging dock are already purchased. The Flat screen is estimated to cost between $700 to 1,000 depending on the size and available sales. Instillation could be done through our maintenance and IT departments.
  • (How could the implementation of the revision be staged? Is it necessary to happen all at once? Please refer to the above answers).
  • Currently I am missing My Sketchup

One thought on “MY Design for the 21st Century

  1. I like your idea of how your move students around based on the type of project your have them complete. I think that being able to charge the iPads 17 extra minutes in between classes may prove to be very valuable for you. I wonder if using the lysol or handi wipes would prove to be an effective way at maintaining hygiene while using the iPads. I would think that you may be able to explore apple forums to locate applications that you may be able to find useful for your classroom. I think it is exciting that you are going to be the one with the iPads that will spread the excitement to the rest of your fellow faculty members.

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