Lesson Plan DCIPPsE


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 I followed the directions as the student.As a teacher I would expect my students to design, create, inquire, play, problem-solve and/or evaluate in some meaningful way that would help them stay organized for the trimester. I would probably make this a day one/two exercise. Students will experience technology in the art classroom in a way they never have before. They will be exposed to the overview of the class expectation and have fun “playing” with technology. My assignment was to learn a new technology: SpiderScribe.net and Organize my week. I was able to ask questions about what was most important and  make sure I was able to follow the plan.  I  had to  move squares around and decide what colors would help me know what I needed to do. I am very visual and I have a tendency to  go on “rabbit trails” which  gets me off track.  I could see using this as a class organizer to help them stay on track. There is a feature that I can use to mark off the boxes when they are complete. I have several ways for students to stay on track and this is a good one for a person who is not a linear learner. this follows a pattern through color coding instead of straight columns and rows.

  •  I started by labeling the center: Lime GreenWork Week
  • Light Green: Are all the areas I need to be aware of
  • Salmon: is the DO and
  • Yellow is help to get the “DO” done.

There are several ways students can stay on top of their work but without offering multiple ways of  accomplishing this, students will get lost and frustrated and loose the deeper meaning behind a lesson. Allow students to choose from several options at the beginning of the trimester, they could organize their projects assignments and home homework in a way that best suites their creativity and learning style. by creating their own “calendar” they will take more ownership in it and will introduce them to the units that  will be covered over the trimester. This has been very helpful for me to see the week ahead. I hope this will elevate some of the anxiety as I go throughout the week and check of my completed tasks.

In addition to posting your lesson plan, you will write a 300-500 word description of how this lesson plan and this tool will, together, support the “21st century” learning objective that you outlined in (a). In your blog post, explain the rationale for your choices so that others can see the general brilliance of your work 🙂


Connections to Learning:

  • The choice of activity is clearly informed by Thomas & Brown (2011) and Hobbs (2011)

  • The way that the technology is integrated will clearly support instruction, student learning and/or the actual completion of the learning activity of focus to this lesson.

  • The rationale and thinking made visible in the blog post shows deep engagement and critical analysis of how best to construct learning experiences that support the target learning activity.

One thought on “Lesson Plan DCIPPsE

  1. Yalonda, I think your lesson plan is a very practical activity that will assist them in trying to keep their schedules organized. This lesson is similar to our GTD activity that we completed during the f2f portion of class, and may provide you with additional resources to share with the students to further assist them in their organization.

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