Gee Reading Chapters 20 – 22

Look Through the presentation, then tweet out comments. The “Big Questions” are at the end of the presentation. Remember the hashtag for our reading is #geechat and #MAETEL1

by James Paul Gee

Final Chapters 20-22

The Anti-Educational Era

photo-Gee reading

By Lauren VillaluzYalonda Combs & Tammy Montgomery


Austin. (2012, May 19). Affinity Spaces in Education [Video file]. Retrieved July 17,  2013 from

Gee, J. P. (2013). The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

Gray, K. (2013, March 13). Welcome to District 504 [Video file]. Retrieved July 17, 2013 from

Maurya. (2013, March 26). Affinity Spaces at Gray School – Engaging and Connected Learning.

Retrieved from

This was a great experience working with Lauren again on a presentation, I have learned a lot from her this summer. I appreciate her support sharing responsibilities in the technology we used. Tammy and I have worked on three different projects and we have both become better “techies” throughout these experiences. Our group decided to stay  streamlined in our presentation. All of us have read the Anti-Education Era and have made some great discoveries, but as Gee explains, we all gain even more  knowledge then we listen and consider others thoughts. The process has been grueling however, it has been well worth all of the struggle. Many others have helped me this summer through this process. I will not mention all of you by name, you all know who you are. James Paul Gee would be proud, we have responded in ways Gee says will move us forward in our thinking and learning. We are becoming synchronized in our intelligence. Let us continue to challenge ourselves as our school year starts this fall and see you next summer for round two.

Thoughtfully presented, Yalonda


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