NLP Adventure: Me and My Apple, Strolling Down Technology Avenue!

MY adventure with my Mac has been tedious. but the mere fact of doing projects has caused me to continue to learn more about mY MacBook. I have finally discovered how to listen to my PDF files on my Computer. It is done through iTunes but it is a bit frustrating because I can only copy one page at a time, so a 15+ page article gets a little cumbersome.

I have discovered how to use quietube for blog posts and my website for school just go to go to quiet tube. I put it in my favorites bar then when you find a youtube video you want to use, push your quietube button and waaa lah, there are no adds around the video. I really like that for my school stuff.

This is a great guide on how to use pdf files on my macbook so I decided to keep it here. If this works by using the preview option, It will make listening to my pdf files much easier. I should have looked this up before I did my research for my technology piece. One last discovery I found when I open a PDF file is if I open it in the preview option, I can go to my edit options on the tool bar at the top of my screen and there is a “speak” option. I will no longer use the iTunes option. I am thankful I found this one out. Little by little I am continuing to learn “tricks” of getting around. All of these options helps take away the stress of technology and helps me concentrate more on the content I am trying to focus on.

Here is a funny “tutorial” I made on Jing to show my new knowledge of shutting down files or programs.

Screen shot of my tutorial

Because I have been use to using a pc, I am not familiar with the different options on the Mac. In reality, I have not been very confident with technology in general, so for many, this actually might seem like a joke but for me this is ground breaking! So until my last post, it is just me and my Apple strolling down the avenue. Until next time.


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