My Passion Quotient Evoking Curiosity Quotient In My Students

Here is a dramatization of what a conversation might sound like about Combsy’s  art classes next year. Thank you to Emily P. and Miguella C. for your time and excitement about my learning experience.  You were great actors and I AM excited to see  how we ALL will learn this year! Thank you, also, to RaRa for the time and effort you put into all the “takes” we took. 🙂  Sincerely, YMC

Click on the picture below to see the video.


This has been the hardest experience I have ever been a part of up-to-date. Even when I prepare for an Art Show, I work many long hours but I end with completed work and it is very fulfilling. With the classes I have been in this summer, I could spend hours and hours working on a project.  Often I would have nothing to show for it, just a blank screen and lots of tears. There is a Silver-lining to this story. Though I am still better at low technology (give me a paintbrush any day and I can give you a wicked painting), I am getting better with the high technology that I have learned the summer.These classes have pushed me more than I would ever imagine. They caused me to work harder than I ever thought possible up-to-date, yet I am better because of it. I have always had a desire to use technology in my classroom, and I do but it is very limited. I have used it for organization, but not really as a learning tool. I’ve had so many questions about what and how to really use it properly. I have not felt that successful in the deeper experiences technology can afford. When I learned about the TPACK model, it helped me put in perspective how technology should look in my classroom.Using content students need to formulate knowledge, combining it  with the pedagogy of learning, interwoven throughout with the proper use of technology, will create an experiential learning environment.Through the experiences and understanding I have gained from my classes, my desire has only grown deeper. I am excited to go back to my classroom and implement all I have learned.  I do not want to use technology as a replacement of low technology for just a re-mix of the same old thing. Instead, I want to use new technologies to increase curiosity in my students that will cause deeper meaning in their learning processes. This I believe this about technology and I believe my students will also.

(All writing for this post was done with Dragon Dictation on my iPad. I also edited the writing in DD then transferred into my email, then copied, and pasted into the blog.)


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