Thoughts and Wonderings of My Adventure in Technology…What Next?

For my last post I thought a picture of a coffee  cup would be appropriate. I love coffee when I need to get work done yet I also love it to relax with. I hope someday my ability with technology will be as fluid as my love for coffee is. Take a moment and click on the picture below and watch an animoto about my transition in technology this summer.


As I look back on the past six weeks, I am blown away at the information I have received and will implement the upcoming school year. My colleagues will not recognize the person I have become. Though, compared to many of my cohorts I am still taking baby steps, the fact that I am “walking” in the technology world is exciting. I love the ideas and possibilities 21st century learning offers. I am going to continue to strive and grow. My goal is to go back to my professional community and  show them the possibilities that network media offers and hopefully show a few ways to get connected. These are a few of my goals for the upcoming year.

  • Prepare my room and curriculum for using iPads and technology as TPACK set for me.
  • Remix my current curriculum to interact with media and technology to enhance learning not just make it another “worksheet” to complete.
  • I am joining the technology team in my school.
  • (I am planning on sharing my survey I made for this class)
  • I am signed up to take some application classes offered at  Ingham ISD

1) How would I describe our culture of technology integration? Technology is fairly minimal in my building. We have support of the administration but I do not feel the administration is very knowledgeable about it so their direction is disjointed when it comes to training and leading through technology.

2) How do we know what we know about technology integration? We know that we know through our exposure and working with the tools.  How do we believe knowledge about technology integration is created? I believe it is through Exposure, exposure, exposure, and good leadership who know the tools and can teach it. The MAET experience has been phenomenal through Michigan State University. I am going back to my school and pounding the need to other teacher of the benefit they would get out of taking the certification courses even if they did not want to complete the masters program.

3) As a group, how do we change? That is the best way for change because we can give support to one another and learn from each other. This has been my experience in this program. I believe we ALL have learned more together than any of us would have learned on our own.  Paul Gee speaks of this in his book we read “The Anti-Education Era.” If I took these classes solely online, I fear i may have dropped out due to the high demands this program requires, but because of my cohort group I was able to finish with high hopes for my future.

I am so thankful for this experience and for all of my cohorts who shared their knowledge with me.


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